Tabel Buyback Dota 2 Patch 7.11

Buyback Dota 2 Patch 7.11

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Tabel Buyback Patch 7.11

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Dikutip dari Leoswept dalam situs reddit :

I made a spreadsheet where you can change the xpm and gpm of your hero and it spits out approximate buyback costs and buyback cost as a % of networth at a given time in game. If too many people start using it, you should be able to make a copy of the document by going to file -> make a copy to mess around with it.

Level is a stepwise function of XP and I counted by minute, so the 7.10 graphs are not smooth.

The biggest takeaways are that support buybacks are cheaper, and carry buybacks are much more expensive, especially late game. A level 25 support at 60:00 with 15k net worth used to have a buyback cost of 1938 gold, but with the 7.11 patch it’s now 1254 gold, a decrease of 684 gold or 4.56% of his net worth. A level 25 carry at 60:00 with 42k net worth used to have a buyback cost of 1938 gold (same as the support), but with the 7.11 patch it’s now 3331 gold. That’s an increase of 1393 gold, or 3.32 % of his net worth.

At 60:00, a level 25 hero with 24k net worth has approximately the same buyback cost in 7.10 and 7.11, about 1950 gold.

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Dari postingan tersebut dapat diambil beberapa kesimpulan :

  1. Buyback untuk support menjadi lebih murah ( bersyukurlah para support)
  2. Buyback untuk carry menjadi lebih mahal (lebih berat tanggung jawab)
  3. Perhitungan buyback juga memperhitungkan jangka waktu berjalannya game, semakin lama game berjalan semakin mahal.


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