Kyle “Kyle” Freedman Dikick dari CompLexity Gaming

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CompLexity Gaming, Tim Esports asal Amerika memberikan kabar yang kurang baik pada para penggemarnya khususnya untuk divisi Dota 2. Mereka melepas captain dan drafternya sekaligus sang bintang Kyle “Kyle” Freedman. Kyle dikeluarkan dari organisasi karena terlibat personal konflik antara dirinya dengan pihak organisasi

Kyle Freedman, Captain CompLexity Gaming
Image Source. Gosugamers

Alasan utama dibalik dikeluarkannya Kyle “Kyle” Freedman dari CompLexity adalah banyaknya ketidakcocokan antara dirinya dengan organisasi sehingga managemen memilih langkah yang cukup ekstrim yaitu mengeluarkan dirinya.

General Manager CompLexity Kyle “Beef” Bautista mengatakan dalam official statementnya bahwa ini adalah hal tersulit sepanjang karirnya di bidang Esports, karena dialah yang membawa Kyle “Kyle” Freedman dari Heroes Of Newerth ke Dota 2 serta membawanya ke organisasi pada tahun 2014.

Berikut adalah official Release dari sang General Manager :

“During his time here, Kyle has bled Complexity black and red through and through. He is someone that steps up and does what he feels needs to be done if it is going to improve his team or the brand. After TI5 when Kyle was of the opinion that the team’s best chance of success was playing out of a south Florida team house, our organization thought the cost and risk to be too high. Kyle put his money where his mouth was and paid the security deposit, taking that risk upon himself to do what he thought was best for the team.

When in 2016 I informed Kyle and the Dota team that we were going to have to drop the team because we were unable to generate enough sponsor interest to support the division, Kyle stepped up once more. Rather than see his team dropped, he opted to not take salary and defer reimbursement of utilities for months in order to balance the scales as best as he could. His efforts paid off and we were able to keep the team.

Kyle’s time with our organization has been one of determination and self sacrifice. He put others around him before himself and did what he thought gave the team the best chance to win. I am confident that if he finds the right group of players to surround himself with, Kyle will be a world champion in this game. His strategic mind, drive to compete, his tenacity, and his unwavering determination are simply too great to quit without accomplishing that goal.

It’s a shame that it couldn’t be with us.”

Kyle “Beef” Bautista, coL General Manager

CompLexity Harus Berjuang di Open Qualifier

Dengan dikeluarkannya Kyle Freedman, otomatis CompLexity harus mencari captain dan drafter baru. Namun karena perubahan setelah “Roster Lock” dari Valve dan peraturan jelas disebutkan bila terjadi pergantian pemain setelah “Roster Lock” maka mereka harus mengikuti Open Qualifier untuk bisa tampil di TI 8 yang akan diadakan di Vancouver, Kanada.

Dari pihak CompLexity sepertinya hanya mengkonfirmasi kepergian dari Kyle “Kyle” Freedman, saudaranya Zakari “Zfreek” Freedman tetap berada didalam tim.

CompLexity Dota 2 Roster :

  • Linus “Limmp” Blomdin
  • Rasmus “Chessie” Blomdin
  • David “Moo” Hull
  • Zakari “Zfreek” Freedman
  • ????
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